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Hello I am Dementei, the dude that makes a lot of rooftop maps. So far I've made a rooftop map for: The Specialists, Double Action: Boogaloo, Killing, My Friend, and lastly Trigger_Hurt. Why do I make rooftop maps? Well, in my experience they are usually clean and simple, yet effective, as they provide a risk/reward approach in their design. See a guy on a different building, but you have to get over this gap to take em out? You do that, and you're automatically a badass. That's why I make rooftop maps. Be sure to check for any easter eggs, you'll know which maps are mine. :)

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7 Years Later

Dementei Blog

It's been awhile since I've posted, but yea let's see here... so mapping is still my thing even after all this time, I've grown a lot, my knowledge still grows to this day with the way Source maps work. I know I have a bit more to learn, but that's mostly entities that I don't really need. Welp, that's about it., let me know if you need anything.

Oh and I've been working on Double Action for about two years now, check it out!


Having mapping problems?

Dementei Blog

Hey guys, if you need help go ahead and directly contact me either through Steam or Xfire I'm willing to help those in need. I'll be your instant support chat for mapping, haha. Here's my Steam page, and here is my Xfire. Also depending on the mood I'm in I'm up for making clan maps, most of my maps are for clans anyhow. So if you think your clan is beast enough hit me up and I'll think about designing a map for your group, free of charge usually :P which also includes custom textures stating the clan leaders and members. See my latest clan map: UAC City. Cya around.

(Updated June 2010)

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