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I have worked in the video game industry at large studios for 13 years. Recently, I left my job at Disney to pursue my desire to make my own games. I come from an artist background in the industry and have been learning C# the past year.

I worked on Welcome to the Game II with Reflect studios, then went on to start DarkStone and focus on my own projects. The Subject is DSD's flagship title and I am excited to finally be working in, what I feel, is one of the largest highlights of my career.

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Outstation Dev Update

A LOT has been going on and a bunch has developed since I last threw an update out there. I started taking the game's style in a more cell-shaded direction. After I made the piece of key art I shared in the previous post (OUTSTATION SPEED PAINTING) I was interested in going a bit more stylized with the direction of everything.

I worked a lot on shaders and post effects to try and get a look I liked. I'm not 100% there yet but things are starting to look pretty neat.
I've also been working steadily on the various ship parts you will be able to acquire throughout the game. I plan to have a mix of 5 wings, 5 cockpits, and 5 engines at launch that you can mix and match along with the different weapons available. It should all lead to very diverse game experiences.
Ship parts for Outstation
The UI has also been getting a large update. I've been plugging in the pieces that Mason has been sending to me and getting all of the various images setup to work with the code I'm in progress on for various parts of the UI. It's all slowly coming together and it will be nice to start making all the enemy ships and really digging into game play.
New HUD UI for Outstation
That's only a small look at some of the things going on with development. I'm really pushing to get as much of the core pieces stood up quickly so I can begin tweaking game play and start bringing in testers to play the game and give feed back.

If you'd like to be a tester for Outstation, sign up for the mailing list and you may be selected to do so when the time is right. Until next time everyone!

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DarkStone Digital

DarkStone Digital

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Solo indie developer located in the Pensacola area in Florida. Current project is The Subject.

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