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I am a C++ game developer, if you want to watch development go: twitch.tv/danyguag . Happy Coding to all!

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I would love to tell you that everything is going great with development, that there is now game play and all is great in the world. It is not, and I would be lying if i told you otherwise. Let me explain the situation. There are now four of us, 2 2D artists, a 3D artist, and then a programmer, me. The art is going great we have two character models made some swords and some other stuff. We have a website, and the community is growing a little bit. So it may seem like everything is going great, right? Well sadly no. The programming is moving slow, as expected, but it is not that.

As the sole programmer, owner, and freshmen in high school. One would only dream about playing a game like this, and making something like this would not even be a remote thought. That being said I am not saying that I am under prepared, programming knowledge wise, but instead in another aspect. I have been told by countless people that this is work for a professional that has a college degree, or that at some point I am definitely going to quit and if not going to quit your going to want to. What they do not tell you is what is deeper then that. It not is: "Oh i have a bug I cannot fix after 10 minutes, I want to quit." Let me explain it like this, most of you have played or watched a sport at some point in your life. You probably know that the player endures physical wear and tear. It is like that, but mentally. If you do not think you can get tired after a full day of programming you are wrong. It seem pointless for me to post these because there is a 95% that I am going to quit, or the type of game I am going to make is going to be different, or I may use Game Engine like Unity or Unreal. I read a book called To Kill a Mockingbird and in it the narrators father once said that if you know that its not going to work out, or your not going to make it you better try. And that is exactly what I am going to do. Try. It may seem stupid to do so, but I am going to try.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully I can post more often if I get the time, but if you want more information please see my site Danyguag Game Studio.

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