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One man development studio located in Sweden. Currently I have two games on Steam, Brink of Extinction and Twinstack. Projects that I'm working on are Project Battlespace, Atmocity and CubelinsTD. Prototypes in the works rCo and P5. Aside from game development, I enjoy listening to music and of course playing games. Currently playing Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3 (late to the party I know...) and the odd mobile game. Recommendations welcome!

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I've been quite slow updating my pages, mainly because I've prioritized game dev, but also because I'm currently overrun with work at my regular job. I was thinking of using this blog to write down some of my plans for this year and mention some smaller things I'm working on, but haven't made pages for.

I currently have three major projects -

  1. Atmocity, which will be seeing an early alpha release to a select few hopefully this week. More info on the recent progress on the game's page.
  2. Brink of Extinction version Blitz Ant, which should release on Steam and GameJolt next weekend. This has taken up a lot of time recently because it is such a huge update. It rebalances the game completely and adds new features like special abilities for turrets among other things. More about the update on the game's page.
  3. Lastly, I am lead programmer on a game called Battlespace. A card game in the vein of Hearthstone, but set in space and with more interactive graphics. This project is also nearing a sort of early alpha release state and will be sent out to testers soon.

What I really wanted to write about was the small stuff I do when I can't motivate myself to work on the above mentioned projects or when I don't have access to my desktop computer.

The first project is Brink of Extinction mini, which will be a free version of the game for portable platforms. I've not decided on a whole lot of the content, except that it will feature 7 of the turrets from the PC-version and the Tesla as an additional turret (it will function more like a regular turret, unlike how it is in the PC-version). The game will also feature 11 of the enemies.

The game will be 2D and mostly 2D renders of the 3D objects, but edited to fit a somewhat different style (no worries, it will still have a colorful post apocalyptic look!). Currently I'm working on code cleanup and removing redundant code, since the game will need to shed quite a few features when it's to fit into a small suit, so to speak.

From the mini version I will also make a pocket edition which will be closer to the original PC-version, but for portable. The mini and pocket versions have no release date as of yet, but June-July for the mini version seems reasonable.

Another prototype that I've worked on is called Svedala Zombie Apocalypse. It will be a simple top down-ish zombie survival game set in a Swedish rural setting. I've currently worked on a system to randomly select specific prefabs from a set, given a weight of likeliness. Basically the game will pit the player against progressively more difficult zombies, feature looting buildings for typically Swedish objects and also a good dose of humor.

Lastly I'm working on a sort of very simplistic climbing game. This game uses the same system of randomly picking prefabs to make a sort of endless map system. More details and a playable prototype will follow in the near future.

I've also kept on working on Cubelins TD, which will soon get a page here on IndieDB. I've also worked on the prototype P5, but I will share details on this on a later date.

// Dispersing Minds

Current work

Current work

CorrectureGames Blog
Current stuff

Current stuff

CorrectureGames Blog
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Thanks :)

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