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Cobalt57Publishing @ The Wastes

Hey, that Discord server is now defunct, but you can still chat with us on IRC!

Server: irc.frag-net.com:6667
Channel: #wastes

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Cobalt57Publishing @ Half-Life: Absolute Zero

We've made an agreement with the party involved in the recent trademark dispute, and can continue to use the name Half-Life: Absolute Zero as we have before! Please keep in mind that any harassment towards anyone involved will not be tolerated, especially now that everything is cool between us.

Big thanks to Marc Whipple of Whipple Legal Services for stepping in on our behalf--pro bono, no less--and representing us!

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Cobalt57Publishing @ Half-Life: Absolute Zero

We’re aware of an incident that happened earlier today in the Absolute Zero Discord involving multiple members of the Half-Life community, and we’re currently dealing with the situation as best as we can.

Cobalt-57 does not, never has, and never will condone the types of things said by certain members of the community. These people have been banned from the server, and are not representative of the developers on the team or the community as a whole.

We’re looking at improving our moderation in Discord so something like this doesn’t happen again. If anyone is hurt or offended by anything said by the banned members of the Discord, it was not our intention to let that happen, and we sincerely apologize.

If you have any questions, or anything you’d like to ask us, please visit the Absolute Zero Discord server, ModDB page, or send us something on Twitter. We’re just a bunch of young adults trying a bit too hard to make a Half-Life mod, and we’ve got the time to talk.

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Cobalt57Publishing @ Half-Life: Absolute Zero

Cobalt-57 is looking for experienced mappers! More details here: Moddb.com

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