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Hello Indie gamers! I am Jordan and this is my personal Bio! I'm a huge gamer from Ireland from indies to fps's and mmo's to rpg's I play 'em all!

on this profile I'm going to be making several ranty blogs and videos about several games that I have bought or played for free!

I'm not a quiet gamer I don't make voices for inanimate objects in the game like other video makers...no I just shout at things! REALLY LOUDLY! so R.I.P all headphone users indeed!

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Hello bored gamers! and welcome to my blog! this weeks blog? Is on Omegalodon!

Omegalodon is a fun indie game developed by north of earth! the objective of the game is if you are on Omegalodon's team is to reach the center of the city without dying and destroy the reactor blowing up the city! the other teams objective is to make sure that doesn't happen by killing Omegalodon!

Killing an 800 foot monster when you have unlimited rockets may sound easy right? WRONG! Omegalodon has it's team as well! who automatically heal it when they are close to him and their objective is to make sure he stays alive until he reaches the reactor core!

So now you have the basic information we can go a little more indepth to the game and you can decided whether it's worth buying or not...but here's a secret..it's worth buying!

City defense:

The soldier class gets a rocket launcher with mid-range attack distance but quite a weird fire rate at being able to be fired every 2 seconds-ish, they spawn in the army base (believe it or not!) and get tanks and attack helicopters with machine guns and rockets! the helicopters..not the tanks!

The police class gets mines! these can be placed on land (roads/woodland) and explode when stepped near or they are left for too long, (30 seconds) they spawn in the police base! (original I know...) and get police cars. vans and helicopters that have machine guns!

City attack:

You become an 800 foot shark-like monster with several attacks! left clicking makes you kick or punch a target in front of you, right clicking makes you take a bite of something in front of you! (for helicopters and power lines etc.) and holding in left shift makes you roar exploding a large area and killing anyone in a small area around you! you spawn washed up on the beach and start making your way towards the town!

These little guys automatically heal Omegalodon when they get close to him and are equipped with a machine gun that is about the same speed as the police helicopters machine gun, you spawn in random areas usually beside a transmitter pole with a choice between a van/car and a helicopter with no weapons..

all in all Omegalodon is the most fun indie game in awhile that I've played, I think it's very early on in development and still has a long way to go in terms of gathering players and improving their game, the play-style is very simple and takes a matter of minutes to get used too the environment is completely destructable and there are many vehicles to play with ranging from super tankers (huge ships) to the most advanced army blackhawk helipcopter! from vans to spaceships!

my rating for this game is an amazing 8.5/10 well done Omegalodon developers! keep at it!

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