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Dutch developer, now developing @[Rocket Shipment](games:rocket-shipment:71084) when possible. Rocket Shipment is a puzzle space lander type game where you fly a spaceship to grapple and move crates around, evade alien threats, find keys and open doors.

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ChocolatePinecone @ Devlog #014: Sound, Music and Cable control

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get any notification of your comment and saw it by chance just now.

The cable exists out of 2 parts. The 1st one is an invisible direct link between target and ship. This one takes care of the actual physics for keeping them connected. It's a special "Rope joint" tbat I made which basically only limits parting the connected objects to a maximum distance, and allows all shorter distances.

The second part of the cable is the visible part you see as player. This part is built out of multiple rope joints connected together, of which the 2 end point are directly connected to the 2 end point of the 1st part. With a bit of gravity applied to all the joint of the 2nd part, it simulates a real rope pretty well.

All physics have been made using the Verlet method.

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