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Guess I might as well write something here. I'm a nice guy from Germany, I like PC Games, Star Wars (particularly Mandalorians), Warhammer 40k & Warhammer Fantasy as well as tabletop in general. Also other Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff. And Metal. I'm also interested in the medieval period, owning different pieces of armor and doing some show-swordfighting. I play guitar, occasionnally draw things and build costumes such as my mandalorian armor.

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Beskar'gam Mark IV
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Shouldn't that extremely realistic looking firearm be orange-tipped at the very least?

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Mirsh Author

We don't really do orange tips here in Germany. We also don't have orange-tipped Airsoft guns.

In public places & transportation you have to keep so called "Anscheinswaffen" (objects that are very similar to or virtually undistinguishable from real firearms without close inspection) and things like actual swords (even blunt ones) in a closeable container of some sort (a bag with zipper would do), though on private property (on which most conventions are held) you can carry anything that you don't need a license for. At least as far as the government is concerned.

Then it pretty much purely depends on the management/security of the convention you're attending. Some are really anal about prop guns, some aren't. Generally if it isn't out of metal and/or looks different enough from a real gun you're mostly okay, that's why a lot of people use modded and repainted Nerf guns. They look different enough from real ones. So for example a completely black Nerf gun with custom stock and barrel would be fine, whereas a full metal M4 replica with orange tip wouldn't be allowed.

My gun here is a modified old, broken (and thus non-functional) airsoft shotgun made of plastic with some wooden parts I added (as well as some made out of aluminium, but they're small enough not to matter). On some events this would'nt be allowed, on some it would.
Here it didn't really matter either way because I was there as an exhibitor with my group, in which case you can pretty much bring anything to the Con. Some other exhibitors had real, fully functional, sharp swords at their booth and it was totally fine.

I really don't get the whole orange tip thing anyway, if I was an actual criminal or terrorist, I'd just paint the tip of my real gun orange.
In the end, it will always come down to context and individual judgement.


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I was wondered that myself.

Here in the Netherlands we also have monthly aerial alarm tests and you can bet if I was up to no good I would time it alongside this alarm.

At any rate, you look great mate. Have you considered adding other stuff to your suit or weapon(s)?

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Mirsh Author

Yeah, there's ALWAYS room for upgrades and improvements. Previously the straps on my leg plates were just glued on, I've already replaced that with screws for the upper leg and knees, but I also need to do that for the shins. And maybe the codpiece.

I'm already working on some weapon attachments, inlcuding a flamethrower, for the left gauntlet and I might also make additional ones for both sides since all gauntlet attachments are screwed on so that they can be replaced.

I'm also still missing a girth belt. It already does look good without one, but I might still add it anyway.

Then there's the issue of electronics... I already have a small voice amp module, but I might need a better one and having radio for communication with other vode would be nice as well. Preferably with both systems combined and via a low-profile headset not directly attached to the helmet.

And that are just the things that I can think of right now. XD

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Professional photos of me in the latest version of my armor from Role Play Convention 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

Photos by Heikowarnke.de

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