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Bombadeer Studios focuses on creating all kinds of kick-ass audio for entertainment media, including sound effects, music, and voice overs.

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Bombadeer Studios provides awesome sound design, music, and voice acting services to entertainment media. Take a listen to our demo reel to hear the quality of our work for yourself!

Like what you're hearing? Get in touch and let's make your project roar!


Hello miss! If you'd like to coop on Z-DAY I'd love to have you on the team! (The team being me.) Sounds like you've already got some zombie sound effects ready for use. :P Do note the soundtrack will merely be 'background' audio, as Far Cry 3 does not allow for modified sound effects. Obviously in all the promotional videos it's synced up but ingame the audio is applied to roughly line up with the action. Hope that doesnt disappoint you ;)

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BombadeerStudios Creator

No worries, it seems like a fun project, however much of it we can edit will just have to be enough. :) I've got quite a few zombie sounds already, yeah, but I could also likely do other custom stuff if you want it to sound completely new.
Best plan for me would be to put together a sound list on a google doc or something. I'd love to help with implementation, as I like learning new audio stuff like that, but I imagine I'd have to pick up Far Cry? I haven't done any modding I'm afraid.

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Thanks for offering to help out! I'll definitely add you to the credits/main page!

Well luckily time is on our side with at least six months until I need anything final and/or beta. A sound list would indeed be helpful, maybe a file we can both edit and add to? There's no real need to own the game as I can upload alpha stage gameplay videos of the levels (privately). But of course it would be helpful if you could actually play through the levels yourself.

It'd be quite awesome if you were willing to create new sounds for the game, but I'd be very happy to start with any effects you've already got. Right now I have zero to none of my own. :P

I will definitely be needing a general zombie horde effect first. Singular zombie effects will be useful but I've been trying to find audio for larger groups as well, both distant and nearby. If you could somehow come up with a unique (almost ambient) effect that'd be awesome!

I'll be sharing some more stuff over the next couple of days which should give you a better idea how the audio will be implemented.

Also I'll send you the basic synopsis/themes I will incorporate into the mod as a source of inspiration. But the videos online already should give you a good idea.

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