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My name is Primož Vovk born in the year of 1989. When I was young (around age of 7) I've put my hands on the first 3 games - Pentix, Sokoban and Crystal Caves. Those games had huge influence on me and because I wanted more and more I came to stage of "Duke Nukem 3D" for which I started making maps and small mods for fun and at that time I said "Hmm...how great would it be to create a game" and then I started to dream...

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The Wizard's Lair

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Wizard's Lair is a good roguelike to give it a try but there are things that didn't keep me going.

Graphics could get a bit better - some wall & floor variations wouldn't hurt as well as some eyecandy stuff.

Interface is a bit confusing before you get used to it which includes navigation through your inventory and all.

Gameplay is a bit too linear and straightforward for me which is not necessarily bad - roguelike newbies may find this game perfect to start with.

If you ignore all this, you'll find nice time playing it - there are quite some items, spells & potions to play with as well as many levels featuring different enemies.


Sweezy Gunner

Game review

Great Permutator

Game review - 1 agree

Great Permutator is a great puzzle games that your brains will just love it.

Learning curve may be a bit harsh sometimes and there are few things that aren't explained good (like ability to click on the building to switch output sequence) but overall, it's just brilliant. You'll be happy for every solved puzzle.

Also, the whole game is wrapped into consistant and nice retro pixel art graphics - it's a tiny joy just watching everything in action.

If you are puzzle game fan then you need this game in your collection.


Dream of Pixels

Game review

Great visuals, dreamy, addictive, challenging and fun! I think that's more than enough for 10/10


Cardinal Quest

Game review

Platformance: Temple Death

Game review

If you are hardcore player with lots of patience, then this game is just for you! Even if it's just one map, changing the difficulty will add more traps so it's a whole new challange.

Good thing: At the end you'll be very happy that you've managed to complete this hell of a game.

Bad thing: Not much really...everything in the game is meant to be hardcore so if you're not hardcore player, game is bad for you ;)



Game review

Monkey Labour

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