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Black Dragon Studios is a independent video games developer in the UK, but we also specialise in the use of video game technology for virtual media experiences and exhibitions.

The core team behind Black Dragon stem from academic and games industry backgrounds, with a combined history of over 20 years in academia teaching video game design and development, as well as research into how video gaming technology game be utilised in other industries, particularly in the digital preservation and display of heritage sites.

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One year ago three people decided to leave there jobs as university lecturers and technicians, and said if there ever was a time to start a games studio now was it, so we formed Black Dragon Studios.

We’ve had a lot of great successes over this first year, early on we got clearance to develop for the Sony PlayStation 4, and shortly afterwards we got access to the Microsoft Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Having the ability to develop for all these consoles in our first year of development has been a huge morale boost to us here at Black Dragon Studios.

We have also seen the release of our first game ‘The Copper Canyon Shoot Out’ a frantic, fast paced VR shooter set in a Wild West theme park overrun by robots. The Copper Canyon Shoot Out is available on Steam, Oculus, Viveport, GameJolt, Humble Bundle, as well as PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4. To have a game released world wide on one of the most popular consoles of this generation has been one of the most energising and exciting things we have ever done, and we were so ecstatic to have been able to do this in our first year of trading. We are equally ecstatic to be pushing these technological boundaries in Swansea, Wales, which has been such a place to start and to build our studio.

We’re now moving onto our second video game project ‘You’re Doomed’ which is a fast paced, multiplayer, action oriented twin stick shooter. ‘You’re Doomed’ takes place aboard a British deep-space star ship, the HMSS Robert Falcon Scott, which is on a 42-year mission to explore the furthest corners of the British Galactic Space territories, having picked up a fresh crew and chocolate bars from Earth. After a night of partying to celebrate Ruby paying off her student debt (age: 96, occupation: security guard), four members of the Robert Falcon Scott’s security team wake up near the ship’s core, in an engineering deck locker room to discover the ship has been overrun with an infection and the crew mutated.

You’re Doomed has been an idea of ours since before the studio was developed and finally we have the opportunity to create it and get it out in front of people. We’ve already started this by creating a public pre-alpha of You’re Doomed so that members of our discord community can play an early version of the game and give us continuous feedback as the game develops. The pre-alpha can be downloaded from GameJolt.com or from our Google Drive. We are currently developing You’re Doomed for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

We’re now looking to raise funds to finish development on You’re Doomed and get the completed game released. The studio has so far put approximately £50,000 into this project and we need to raise a little bit more to push it past the line. Recently we begun a kickstarter to help raise these funds and we think working with our audience to get You’re Doomed finished is an excellent way to get their influence into the project and create the game we all want.

With this first year at Black Dragon Studios completed and so many successes behind us, we’re looking forward to the next year and all the possibilities and achievements that are waiting there for us.

Thank you for your time,

Black Dragon Studios.

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Black Dragon Studios is a independent video games developer in the UK, but we also specialise in the use of video game technology for virtual media experiences...

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