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The Jimmies were joined

Just rustling around Mod DB doing working on artworks, textures and of course getting mods. I have a group the 501st Legion Vader's Fist so feel free to join it. I am secretly a really tall midget. Shhh no tears only dreams now.

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Don'vel Skirata
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Aside from a few things like this actually being an image made for me by Wout and that evil is a point of view I approve this character.

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Bisszy4ever Author

Yaay! Youtube.com Celebrate! I fixed the image with the one I made ;P

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Jokasta Denal? Your expert conjuring of star wars names is disturbing...

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Born on Mandalore son of the great Terek Skirata (Out of wedlock) at the age of 7 his dad was taken from him by an evil Mandalorian Tereks ex boss. Don'vel fled then Mandalore on a cargo freighter, since his mother was scared that the Mandlorian leaders would be looking for Tereks bastard child. His mother couldn't join him as she had debts to pay off or she would be killed but she told him of an old Mandalorian living on Bakura. She told him to speak to him an tell him that she sent him. He then swore to have his revenge and find his father if he is still alive.

When he fled the system he landed on Bakura he then found an old man waiting for him named 'Jokasta Denal'. This was the guy his mother told him of. Denal was an ex Mandalorian and a skilled warrior who as MIA in one of the battles long ago. Denal never agreed with Tereks point of view on the Galactic Federation but he was still good friends with Terek since he was his mentor. Denal taught Don'vel everything he knew and hoped one day he would find his father Terek.

Now he is a bounty hunter looking to find his father and rescue him if he is still alive.

Sen'tra I - II
Strategos I - II
Besbe'trayceI - II

Image made in CS6

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