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A new genesis for the MegaDrive?

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Hello to Everyone! ... And sorry for the bad pun in the title of this message.

The retro-gaming is now something "hipe", like the quantity of old games we can buy on modern consoles, and the growing number of cloned olds consoles proves it.

But what I've wanted to speak here is a relatively new phenomenon: The apparition of newly created & edited games on our olds gaming systems, like our dear SEGA MegaDrive. (Called SEGA Genesis in north America, like is well known.)

The most known example is WaterMelon's PierSolar. This RPG was supposed to be only in a first limited edition, but due to massive demand, a "reprint edition" came to be, initially as a limited one too. (But it don't seems to be limited anymore.)

Since PierSolar success is far bigger than attended, WaterMelon work on another game, a beat-them-all actually known as "Project Y".

Others try to emulate the WaterMelon work, like Star Odyssey of the Super Fighter Team. (Honestly, that game look like a bad clone of Phantasy Star to me. In fact, alls theirs games seems to look like bad clones of existing ones.)

So, what do you think? Is our dear 16-bits going to have a new life? (Even if it's probably a less eventful one?)

Note: The true subject here is what the meaning of a new wave of games on MegaDrive, and it's eventual impact in this system. The interest or quality of WaterMelons & others editors products it's hardly, and only, a side subject. (But I know I've made it one, because of my way of saying thing.)

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