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Greetings and salutions! I am berkenaber (aka Berke). I am a funny helpful dude you can talk whenever you want. Not just this, we can discuss anything you want. I am a gamer since 2006 and thank you Shrek for being my first game. You can follow me on twitter with typing @berkenaber00 . SO If you really want to talk with me please obey the rule i wrote below: WARNING: I only care and reply to comments which include logic. Thanks and have a nice day!

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Jaden Inc.

Game review

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

+ Sides
New monitor functions
New animatronic (of course)
New cutscenes
3 Endings
- Sides
Less "Am I going to die?" thinking.
Jumpscares are only "Spooky scary skeletons"


Multimedia Fusion

Engine review

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Game review may contain spoilers

Second game of the FNAF series and prequel of FNAF.
Scott keeps his amazing talent and improving Five Nights At Freddy's with a second game (3 is coming btw).
First of all there aren't any doors. Yeah Foxy will come for booty.
Flashlight is your power from the first game and you really need to use it wisely. Just press CTRL then quickly pull your finger.
Vents. There are 2 vents as a entrance to your room (and a huge open area to the corridor). One on the left another on the right. You need to press vents' light to see if there is any animatronic.
Freddy Mask is a new feature that joined. When an animatronic appears in front of you you have to wear it directly or you will get rekt.
Also you must wear Freddy Mask if there is an animatronic at the end of the vents.
And Bite of '87 story still alive! -Spoilers incoming!-
When you die death minigames sometimes appear and give information about the murder. It seems there is a purple guy appears to be killer (also it means he is the guy wore the golden freddy suit and murdred the children).

Anyway, I am leaving rest to you.
Have Fun
If you dare.


Five Nights at Freddy's

Game review

Well first game of FNAF series.
You have to be a nightwatch. In the worst place in this world. Animatronics haunting the corridors and Foxy is singing his song. And yeah, there is Bite of'87. Mysterious murder of children.
This game only 4 buttons to press and a camera to look. (PS: Foxy is coming for that- anyway)
This game is really interesting because of its gameplay and story. You will be scared and have fun at the same time.
Have fun
If you dare.

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