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Ashore Game Update #71

Ashore Blog

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.7

1-Improved few fort items collisions
2-Improved player sliding while in menu
3-Added Auto save feature (Read more below)
4-Auto save list UI
5-Sort Auto save list based on date
6-Sort Save files list based on date
7-Added HUD toggle feature (Enable/Disable survival HUD) for screenshots
8-HUD toggle UI in Pause Menu / Display

Auto save:

The auto save feature works only in single player, every 2 mins the game will automatically save in a different save file

(Not the same file you loaded)

The auto save will keep over writing it self until the next day, after that it'll create a new auto save file and so on.

The main purpose for the feature is to avoid losing the latest date due to a crash or simply forgetting to save.

I recommend saving a new file right after loading an auto save file.


Ashore Game Update #70

Ashore Blog

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.6

1-Player's slope limit value changed (testing)
2-Fixed Cant loot resources on full inventory bug
3-Fixed Deleting building parts bug
4-Changed Building upgrade button UI position
5-Rename windows to shutters (Read more below)
6-Updated sandbox's item database (added new items)
7-Improved placing foundation keys UI
8-Un-equip building parts / cancel placing when in menu
9-Remove building parts outline while placing (Read more below)

10-Animals pause (Half a second) after getting hit


-Renaming "Windows" to "Shutters":

After updating the game to 1.9.6; you will probably need to re-learn the windows (Shutters) blueprints again. Sorry!

I plan to redo the whole blueprints system in the future.

-Removed building parts outline:

In update #66 (1.9.2), I added a new feature: Outlining building part while placing in world. After adding that feature I've noticed the game started to crash very often and when I removed it; no more crashes.

If the game does/still crash please let me know!

You can post a new topic here: Ashore.itch.io

Or via the report form: Ashore-Reports


Ashore Game Update #69

Ashore Blog

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.5

1-Fixed looting while inventory is full bug (meat)
2-Ammo UI improved (4 digits)
3-Added new item (Misc/ Shelve small)
4-Added new item (Misc/ Shelve long)
5-Added new item (Misc/ Sign 2)
6-Added new item (Misc/ Torch Hanger)
7-Improved mouse hovering over item UI script
8-Improved Sign mesh + UI (9 letters instead of 7)
9-Torch snapping function (with torch hanger)
10-New item (Sign 2) can be attach to any object

11-Created blueprints for all new items


Ashore Game Update #68

Ashore Blog

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.4

1-Improved + fixed NPC (Merchant) UI menu
2-Manually looted stones notifications
3-Manually looted wood notifications
4-Improved looted wood thumbnail/icon
5-Improved looted stone thumbnail/icon
6-Improved Sleeping UI
7-Sheep drops 2 meat instead of 1
8-Lowered arrow damage value (-55%)
9-Improved head shot detection (Animals)
10-Head shot deals double damage (Animals)
11-Player loses hunger when asleep
12-Can't cook on full inventory (+ error log)
13-Can't extract seed on full inventory (+ error log)
14-Fixed few Fort items crafting requirements
15-Un-placeable items notification log (Miscs/Electronics)
16-Fixed showing ammo while equipped with a tool
17-(Only) un-equip tools when opening a menu
18-Placing item tips UI (Buildings/Misc/Elec/Fort items)
19-Fixed Floors direction bug (more details below)

Floors direction bug:
Any placed floors after this update wont match the direction of the previously placed floors.

However the bug is fixed for the newly placed floors (even after loading).
If you want to fix the old ones, simply destroy with a hammer and re-place the floors again.


Ashore Game Update #67

Ashore Blog

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.3

1-Dead animals disappear in 45 seconds (instead of 25)
2-Dead animals disappear after looting
3-Animals muted when killed (bug fix)
4-Increased scrolling speed in Controls menu
5-Permission menu opens & close using the same button 'F1'
6-Guide menu opens & close using the same button 'F2'
7-Destroying Misc items in inventory will give you back resources
8-Improved Blueprint system (fixed few bugs)
9-Tools actions cost stamina (Testing)
10-Spawn points have been hidden (white transparent cylinders in island)
11-Improved Doors meshes scale
12-Improved Stairs meshes scale
13-Add mouse button detection to start (Main menu)
14-Chat "Hide" button removed
15-Un-Equips tools when in Menus
16-Torch can be enabled/disabled 'E'


Ashore Game Update #66

Ashore Blog

How to update the game: Click here

Version: 1.9.2

1-Improved building system (foundation placement)
2-Added new functions to the Building system
3-Height indicator UI
4-Added item window UI in inventory
5-Added page 2 to Electronics (Guide UI) 'F2'
6-Improved terrain manager
7-Fixed looting wrong items (Stone resources)
8-Improved animal's sfx volume settings


Ashore Game Update #65

Ashore Blog

Version: 1.9.1

1-Fixed packages don't open bug
2-Improved animals collisions
3-Auto loots sticks on chopping down trees
4-Lowered Workstation blueprint cost
5-Blueprint menu opens & close using the same button
6-Player Crafting menu opens & close using the same button
7-Fixed Animals stuck in same animation bug
8-Gold resets on death
9-Ammo resets on death
10-Aluminum loot is 150 instead of 50
11-Added pick all button in Package UI menu
12-Added pick all button in Med-kit UI menu
13-Fixed player repeating actions on menus bug
14-Shift+LMB click assigns item to hotbar (Inventory menu)
15-Shift+LMB click assigns item to hotbar (Storage menu)
16-Fixed stamina bug (eating while sprinting)
17-Optimized loading certain items
18-AI corpse last longer (3 min before disappearing)

19-Improved Blueprints script


Ashore Game Update #64

Ashore Blog

Version: 1.9.0

1-Added new Misc item (Ammo box) :Store bullets
2-Added new Misc item (Safe box) :Store gold
3-Added new items Blueprints
4-Created UI menus for new items
5-Improved Sniper aim
6-Added a spawn (above ground) check
7-Synced Ammo & safe boxes
8-Fixed small blueprints menu bug
9-Reset Life stats to 100% after death
10-Resources re-spawn time increased *2

(takes longer to re-spawn)
11-Improved saving and loading functions
12-Hunger takes longer to go down

13-Improved syncing in Co-op

Few bugs I did not get a chance to work on:
1-Glitched AI (spawning under ground)
2-Ammo in weapons; empty on load
3-Stamina bug
And other small things to improve.

Things i'd like to do for the next update:
Improve rebel AI abit, add more actions.
I'll be testing a few things with the building system and see if I can improve it.


Ashore Game Update #63

Ashore Blog

Version: 1.8.9

1-Fixed looting on full inventory bug
2-Fixed Opening menus on full inventory bug
3-Added full inventory logs
4-Fixed Bow bugs
5-Fixed Arrow count bug
6-Improved Bed functions
7-Fixed NPC getting stuck
8-Improved NPC UI menu (text)
9-Improved Guide ui buttons
10-Improved Guide UI(stats)
11-Improved Permission menu 'F1'
12-Improved & Fixed blueprints menu
13-Player icon on map shows position & direction
14-Improved Flag UI
15-Improved & Optimized loading


Version: 1.8.8

1-Improved Storage UI
2-Improved Cooking UI
3-Improved Extracting Table UI
4-Improved Inventory functionality
5-Added More key functions to Storage UI
6-Added More key functions to Cooking UI
7-Added More key functions to Extracting Table UI
8-Consumables can be consumed from Storage & Inventory
9-Improved scrolling in all UIs
10-Sleeping in bed restores health + Speeds up time

(1 sec Hour) in single player mode only
11-Reduced bullets price by /2 (NPC-Merchant)
12-Fixed few UI Bugs
13-Improved UI scripts (Better performance)
14-Fixed & Improved few Sound effects settings
15-Very Small changes to Animal spawn settings
16-Fire-pit/Furnaces emit light
17-Fixed Playing sound on pause

I uploaded a video that shows all the shortcuts that you can do in all menus:



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