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I am an eighteen year old gamer girl with a passion for xbox and indie games. I am seriously addicted to the thrill and scares that horror games bring, and I plan on developing my own indie horror game when I can find the time and assets.

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Aryssa Blog

As the title so obviously says, I'm lost. This is a whole new world compared to the big game companies I have enjoyed for so many years. Looking at this site I was like "OHMYGOSH its heaven! I just died." I cannot wait to get started and try out all of the indie games I want!

Mostly what I will be focusing on, however, are the indie horror games. I am a very big fan of horror, and I plan on delving into as many horror games as I can and giving feedback as well as genuinely enjoying the rush of adrenaline I get as I get one scare after another. I think I have at least twenty horror I must play, so I guess its time to get started! I think I might try to do a commentary on each one and tell my opinion about it. It all depends on what I feel like doing.

Well, heres to nothing!

- Aryssa

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