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I make games. At least I try to.

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BlueGeorge - - 22 comments

Hi Ian, I just want to let you know that I think your games are unique and inspiring to me.

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nometrowaiting - - 1 comments

Hi Anothink. I have a lot of music to share wit U. How can I send it to U?

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booslka - - 1 comments

hey anothink i want you bring back this game, i want to play this along side your other who where non-downloadable which you should make those game downloadable again

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Guest - - 693,321 comments

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rebelholic - - 4 comments

Do you have any plan add this game for steam greenlight?

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Santicol - - 4 comments

Anothink, you try to make your games seem to have a deep meaning, but truthfully, all they are is crappy, sexist, horrible and disturbing bullcrap that could be done with one hour of coding. Go make some good games.

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BloodBurn - - 50 comments

Nah but they hit hard tho

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bluegemini - - 1 comments

You game was pretty cool! just installed unnamed, gonna play it soon. Hope you make more games!! :)

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InfinityShade - - 5 comments

While I DO agree to some of the comments stating that this "game" Isnt particularly good, I do beleive it has potential. Also, Anothink, If you are going to continue games like this, I have some tips:

ANIMATION! Animation in the arms, legs, or anything else is better than spinning floating slendermen that are only surprising and not scary.

BETTER VOICE ACTING. Using just MS SAM or any other computerized voice, isnt as good as talking directly.

STORY. Having an actual story is better than just random rooms that create confusion.

GENDER. Dont be sexist! If your game becomes sexist, people will be offended, unhappy, and less likely to play the game, or reccomend it.

RACE. Dont be racist either. Im not saying you have, but just for the future.

HOW WHEN WHERE AND WHY. How did the character get where they are? When does the story happen? Where is the character? And why are they there?

Anothink, your games HAVE POTENTIAL, just try a bit harder, and take your time!

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AmbleHeart - - 3 comments

not ripping on you, but a response nonetheless.
Animation- That was the point.

better voice acting- you have to compromise on a bad mic, and not only that, the texttospeech just encapsulated its game feel, it was exactly what it needed to be, weird, and fractal to a real experience.

story- to create confusion and confundary, was the point too, it was an experimental game, it says so in the title, a test, and a fun little experience not intended to match up against a full release.

gender? Get out of here, it was a joke, obviously.

race? Going a little overboard, not saying you have.

Story? There is none! its an experimental game, some of the most popular cult hit indies in recent years have barely anything resembling a story, but something weird, funny, and unique, and look what the game is, weird, funny, and unique.

His games do have potential. So does everybody elses.

Not being hard knowing it was 2013, but just saying.

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Guest - - 693,321 comments

There are a couple reasons why he did these things. Animation and voice acting I agree with, but there was reasoning behind sexism. In his FAQ he made about Insert Title Here, he said that he is not sexist. The only reason that was there was to see your reaction. That's the point of the game, isn't it? It's an experiment designed for people to see your reaction to many situations, and it wanted to see how you reacted sexism. Pretty much everything has to do with the experiment. No who, what, when, where, and why is intentional. It's part of the grand scheme to see your reactions to the situation.

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