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I'm a Illustration/Designer who love to drawn, Skateboard and Bonsai. Used to play a lot of arcades back in the days and still love to play them. My main goal is to make arcade style games, especially Shump styles games in my spare times. Learn how to code properly, think like a coder. Hope you enjoy!! Cheers

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Logotypes ideas

AKhan74 Blog

I've reduced to a few the name for the game.

Let me remind the game history. Our Hero is a Secret Agent betrayed by is agency.
Our Hero fights the most powerful people who control the Market, they're boss is the "Dollar", a small fellow with a Huge power, after all, It's the Dollar who makes the World go round!!

My final fight is to choose between using the Hero name, Agent Void or Agent Klank, or using the operatiion name like, Money Lords, Mafia market and Debt Mafia. The name has to tell something about the Capitalism without saying that so straight forward.

No more talking, let me show you what I've done so far. Remember, this are the first mock ups, just working around the overall shape of the entire logotype, using a more illustrative approach, and studying the icon.

Logo - In Pixel We Trust games Akhan74

Logo - In Pixel We Trust games Akhan74

Logo - In Pixel We Trust games Akhan74

Logo Icon 01

Hope you like it!
Feedback appreciated!


More Stuff for the Platform game

AKhan74 Blog

It's been a while since my last post here, now it's time to show more stuff from my upcoming game.
There's no name yet, only a few ideas:
- The Spy - Cash Only (for a sequel),
- Cash Only,
and a few more.

Let me show what more I have done, like the Enemies and NPC's for the game.
The last two row are the NPC's.
Some of them can became a enemy if they get contact from the "Entrepreneur" or the "Franchiser", like the "Middle Class Men" and "Middle Class women", after all is the middle class that supports the capitalism, are they that pay almost everything.


A new Drone, this one now fires to you, be afraid!! The one that will make it happen is the sixth, or the second at the bottom.


Besides that, new animations for the Player death, Made three for testing and implemented all in Random in game, they all became good at the end. Check out the sketch animations and the final stuff.

HERO Dying Sketchs a

Because my lack of programming skills, I'll had to create the animations in order to show the player dying if he get´s shot from behind and from the front. It's probably a easy fix, using the x coordinates and that, but for now, they work fine. At this moment I'm creating another one for when he falls from to high.

HERO Dying Pixel a

Like always, stay alert for more updates, next time I'll try to make the first level almost complete, with
computers turning ON the platforms, Bullet manager, lot of new stuff.

Cheers!! And thanks for reading this till the end.

ACE of SPACE - First reviews and support

AKhan74 Blog


The ACE of SPACE is published on Google Play since January and the struggle to get more downloads is a daily effort. Has always, the mails sent to the reviews sites is hard to get noticed or even if someone opens and read the mail (the one's who do that) they don't like the game.

But not everyone, here's some reviews I've managed to get.

Review of ACE of SPACE

The first one was from InforGames, a simple review that gives me the strength to keep on moving.

Screen Shot 2017 04 12 at 21 06

The people on the A Casa dos Videos Jogos Portugueses made another review about ACE of SPACE

Some support shown by a friend sharing it on is Facebook Page

Videos Jogos em Portugal

That's not much and, as I said before, the downloads are about 100, much fewer that the V8ORS - Flying Rat, but this one the first downloads were a lot made by my friends, This didn't happen with ACE of SPACE unfortunately, but at the same time, the downloads from foreign countries is better in this phase.
Let's hope the downloads to rise. In case you want to follow In Pixel We Trust Games follow us:















That’s all, sorry my english and hope you play ACE of SPACE . . . a lot!!!

Finally a name for the Shmup Game.

AKhan74 Blog

Finally I've come up with the name for the Shmup and it's ACE of SPACE.

There's already a logo for it and all the UI is being updated with the new "Brand" game.
The main idea for the logo was to make it like a Squadron Patch used by the Pilots. It's clean, strong and the general shape look's like a badge.

ACEofSPACE LogoWHT Bckgrd BLK 10

With the logo complete, it was time to go to the UI, start to shake things up. First the Home Menu, Levels Menu, Credits and Instructions (probably this one will disappear).
Here's some screenshots from the game Menus.

AceOfSpace ScreenShot 04 AceOfSpace ScreenShot 05

In the past few weeks I wasn't able to work as long as I wish on the game, some Design works to be done, and in this moment it's what puts food on the table, but it's making games that makes me happy!
The In Game UI it's not all done, the Health and Bomb Manager are still with the Unity3d Template, just change the colours.

Thanks for reading!!

Space Shoot'Em Up

AKhan74 Blog


For a better coding understanding, instead of having to create everything from the start, why not starting with what you have and learn from that?

The V8ORS - Flying Rat project, the coders gave me the source code (a request previously made by me to them), with that I was able to see and try to understand it.
The first thing done were some questions. Where it takes place? What I'm pretending to do? What features I want to include? What I want to learn?

Where it takes place:
- this time it takes place in the deep space, we are a hero who protects the galaxy from the bad guys.

InPixelWeTrustPromotional 01low

What I'm pretending to do:
- New assets for the game (2d, 3d, UI, Brand Design)
- Learning how to code, not only C# but really understanding the code fundamentals, how to solve a problem, what path and tool to use for a specific task.
- Create a social network from the development, increasing the visibility and prepare it better when launched.
- Avoid repeating the mistake I've made in the V8ORS - Flying Rat and learn from that.

Ace of Space

What features I want to include?
With the V8ORS - Flying Rat source code, I'm using some of the base features, improving them and adding more.

- More flight patterns from the Enemies.
- Adding a Health Manager for the Player.
- Adding a Game Object to pick up to gain Health.
- Adding a Bomb for the Player - after launched it will be ready to fire after some points.
- New art assets.
- New Sounds.
- New levels gameplay.

- Enemy Boss.
- Side Ship Destroyers.
- Levels completed by Points.
- New home UI with "New Game", "Continue Game", instead of only "New Game".
- Level Menu, with locked and unlocked levels. The levels are unlocked by Points.
- More BackGrounds to random between them.
- Choose the Game name, already choose a name, but will let him in suspense for a little while!!
- Create a new game in the Google Play.
- Create a new app in the ChartBoost.

InPixelWeTrustPromotional 03 low

What I want to learn?

- I want to learn how to code, what to use, how to use, breaking the problems into small ones, in the end see the problems like a coder.
- Manage to take the game and get more installers for the game.
- A better promoting on the Socials Networks. Working on this since the Development time, presenting the updates and progress.

AceOfSpace ScreenShot 01 AceOfSpace ScreenShot 02

Some screenshots from the Game, the UI is not the final, I will turn to that after i choose the name for the game.

Hope you like the project.


Sketching ideas for the next game

AKhan74 Blog

After seeing on Youtube a tutorial about creating a Platform game, i though to myself "can i do this?" When i finish all the videos (i strongly recommend, see it here) and all the possibilities i could do, it was time to start sketching the story, characters, scenarios and gameplay, all based on what i've learned in the tutorials and with my basic programming knowledge.

Overall scenario sutdy

Things start to shape, the first story was about a ship crashed in a "trash" planet, a place where all the trash is sent, and the gravity made the rest, a giant junkyard that is orbiting around a sun.

details about the path the players has to do

Incredible as it looks, the planet manages to have some life on it, cyborg animals and plants mutated there. So, the ships crashes and there's only one thing that can save our wounded human pilot, is trusty Robot, he has the mission to go out and get all the parts the ship needs, avoiding the various hazards he may find in his mission.


When doing this i felt that this is not the way, it lacks something and i didn't know what it is, meanwhile my Hard Disk broke and, like most of us, the backup i've made didn't had this process yet, "I TOLD YOU SO!!" everyone said to me :(

The time i spent in getting a new disk gave me the opportunity to clarify the idea, the concepts and realize that perhaps this was not a good idea, i'm not attempting to make the best game ever, probably in the future, for now, i just want to make games and learn about it.

V8ORS-Flying Rat - the struggle to promote a indieGame

AKhan74 Blog


As everyone knows, the struggle to promote a IndieGame is very frustrating, lots of mails sent and no replies.
Is in the small victories that we gain some strength to keep up the work and take our game forward.
Today was one of that times, when i was seeing my stats at GameAnalytics i've started to see the numbers increasing (not like 1200 downloads, just 28) i was like "wow!! that's very good, what happen for this amount of downloads? Went to Google and find that one of my e-mails has reached to someone. I'm from Portugal and this site is one of the majors here, they have lots of articles which includes gaming and technology.
See the reviews here (it's in portuguese).

Another victory was another reviews from Pixel Empire a site from United Kingdom. A nice review for V8ORS-Flying Rat that didn't bring downloads as much as this had, probably one of the reasons is that making games is not so usual as in the UK. It gave more "energy" to continue this fight. Here's the reviews from the Pixel Empire.

It's been a month since the release and i'll be fighting for it till the end, it's like the V8ORS story
"It's a world war. . . .against you!"

See ya

See it at Google Play here.

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