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as the dark side prophesied, I joined

My real name is Ainas. On internet I'm also known as illicitSoul. I'm 3D environment and level designer, novel writer, craftsman, cemetery explorer and a person who love arts. I'm also a veteran modder of BF2/2142. Currently I'm studying English philology and translation.

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Game review - 2 agree

Some my Pros/Cons


+ Mod support
+ Ritch storyline
+ Nice looking visuals even on low settings
+ Perfect soundtracks
+ A lot of craftable items
+ High quality NPC voice acting
+ Fun during monster hunt (preparing traps/poisons/reading up on the creatures etc)


- Unrealistic sword combat. It doesn't feel right.
- Unbalanced gameplay mechanics - Oils and potions barely last long enough to be of any use, and forcing you to drink them in meditation mode is tiresome. Also fairly unrealistic and breaks immersion somewhat. Many skills over/underpowered (i.e. dodge-roll, shield sign, alchemy tree etc.)
-Clunky UI and menus. Bad sorting options, unintuitive selection design (i.e. hover over recipe with mouse cursor, then press space or enter to complete recipe. but don't click and make sure not to move your mouse away from recipe in list). The map, while looking totally freaking awesome, is almost entirely useless. Many more problems with UI.
-Lack of camera controls and options.
-Unclear or non-existent tutorials.
-Also, doors. OMG DOORS. Another obvious piece of the game programmed with the fortcoming console port in mind.

Overall. 9/10. I can recommend Witcher 2 if you are keen on fantasy setting and magic items crafting... and if you are seeking for epic fantasy journey !


SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine)

Engine review

not bad, but I give 8/10


Endless War

Game review - 1 agree

bad, bad, bad and lol

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