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Now that the game has its own engine, I can focus on polishing and creating effects and other special stuff freely.

Therefore I have some news here:

Some stuff with percentage of completion for individual aspects of the game ==================================================================

- I think the INTRO will stay as is from now on. So Consider it done (90%)

- The MENU should change, though I am not sure I will, therefore consider it as work in progress (50%).

- The Level selection screen is going to change but the overview is more or less there (30%)

- In level game engine needs some polishing with some interesting extra functionality I have in mind like, changing number of Dynamites you drop, showing text info in a box and maybe some effects (70%).

- Level creation is still to be done and I have 3 levels almost ready. This file has the game engine level (consider it a template and test level for the game engine code). The game will have around 10 levels so still in progress (30%).

- A Level Editor is something I am considering but haven't worked on it at all (0%). This is wip - aka work in progress - this means it is only to have an idea of how the game is progressing.

Now the Player cannot see behind obstacles and there is a field of view. I have also added a torch...Don't know if I'll keep it though.

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