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Webapps developer, webmaster, programmer and many others sice 10 years.
Start programming games from ZX Spectrum times in BASIC, and from these years I have created a lot of games, but only a few finished.
My last proyect is a RPG multiplayer online flash game of adventures in planets: Aeon Core.

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Introducing Aeon Core

aeoncore Blog

Hi!, I want to show all indie community our Flash game: Aeon Core.
It's a completelly indie game than is being developing by me and a friend. I code the game with AS3, and my fellow design all graphics in the game. Other stuff like music, script, level design, etc, are decided by both.

The game is a MMORPG: will be multiplayer, but is not completely programmed, because its under development actually. Is that reason because I want to show you the game and you can test it before launch the Beta.

The thematic of the game is the future, where travel between planets is possible. A worker arrives to a planet to do some maintenance tasks, and he discover that there is a caos on the base, a lots of monster are attaking people. The user can choose 3 different type of character, each with it's own features. As the player move on the game, kill enemies, and resolve quests, he can be more powerful raising its level.

First, we need people that can test the game, simply playing it and tell me the bugs/errors/comments/anythings/improvements, etc of the game.

Actually, I'm translating the entire game from spanish (my language) to english, so I will appreciate any error on the texts of the game.

Because I'm a new member I cant write here the url for the game. I will show it later.

It's neccesary create an account, but only username and password are required: in 30 secs you are playing ;D

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