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Greetings, fellow game lovers! Let me share some intriguing information from the gaming field. Are you familiar with the concept known as "Desk jumping"? If not, fear not, for Tynan Sylvester sheds some light on the subject in his book, Game Design. Jumping off the desk means players performing daring maneuvers that transcend the limitations of their in-game characters. Desk-jumping is an attempt to push the boundaries of the virtual world to its limits. In other words, it is gamer hooliganism, where gamers test the limits of the game world.

Picture this: you're in the gaming zone, and suddenly, you start doing things that make the developers go, "Wait, that's not what we had in mind!" You take weapons and use them in unconventional ways, like swatting flies instead of battling enemies, or you team up with your buddies only to "accidentally" shoot them in the back. You even find sneaky ways to utilize items that the developers never saw coming. It's like you're playing a game within the game.

Now, here's where the plot thickens. Many developers fear this kind of mischief because it leads to a never-ending spiral of demands for new features. They're like, "Whoa, slow down! We can't keep up with all these wild ideas!"


Desk jumping, as an unconventional player behavior, often requires game developers to allocate additional resources and effort. It poses challenges for developers because it introduces unpredictable elements and demands continuous adaptation and improvisation in the game design. The nature of desk jumping means that developers must account for a wide range of potential actions and outcomes, which can be time-consuming and complex to implement. Additionally, desk jumping can disrupt the intended balance and structure of the game, potentially leading to unintended consequences or breaking the immersive experience. Hence, while desk jumping can be exciting for players, developers may approach it with caution due to the additional demands it places on their resources and the potential risks it introduces to the overall game experience.


When we started working on our game Drunk Or Dead2, we decided to make Desk Jumping the main feature.

We embrace the chaos, the unpredictability, and the unexpected tricks that players, bring to the table. We thrive on mischief, rule-breaking, and knack for turning our carefully crafted game into gamer's personal playground.

We are a bunch of hooligan gamers ourselves, always eager to break the rules, have fun and push the boundaries of what's allowed. We analyze user behavior, spy on other games to find out what crazy things players are up to, and then transfer all those machinations to our game. And guess what? Our players go crazy when they see that their shenanigans actually work! Take, for example, running a spinning fan on the ceiling. That thing falls and mows down a bunch of zombies. Or, for example, you stumble upon a zombie boxer, equipped with your trusty weapon. However, defying conventional wisdom, you boldly discard your weapon and decide to engage in a bare-knuckle brawl with this formidable undead pugilist. Pure chaos!

Have you done any hooliganism in the game world? Share your funniest stunts with us! Maybe you shot the bartender who had to give you a drink to survive? Or blew up the helicopter that the developers intended to rescue you from a hot spot? Or something else?

And, of course, download the Drunk Or Dead2 demo and add it to your Wishlist! :)

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