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we are a friendly, small, german-american indie team (actual 16 with a love on horror and shooter games. We are currently searching for a user interface deigner who can makes all the design things we need like buttons and logos for our actual game "Psychiatrix" Its a horror game.

You should:
- have good communication skills (english or german)
- have experience in design
- friendly to other people
- a basic interest in computer software

The idea of the story is:

You wake up in an old, decayed prison cell,
in a seemingly old building, but you don´t have any memories.
While searching for answers you have to go through a big unknown building.
But it is not a normal place.
At the beginning, you only see some weird creatures at the end of the aisle,
they disappear and approach, but soon you´ll realize, that nothing is imagination!
The creatures move very slowly to you and there is no way to run away.
But something is strange...
It doesn´t seem to be a normal building,
because you always encounter rooms and items and they are not normal.
Experience an exciting story in Psychatrix,
where you have the opporturity to explore the background story while being in the game´s world.
There is no direct solution for the story.
You can theorize what, why, where and when this happened...
so you can interpretate it by your own!

we are looking forward to hearing from you!

To Apply

E-Mail: studio.snexgs@gmail.com
or you can also send me a private message on discord
Discord: TotemHunter#1197

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