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Posted by hoonsubin on


Hello everyone. My name is Hoon Kim, a member of Team STEP. We are a group of aspiring wannabe indie game developers who want to learn more about working as a team and hopefully kickstart our career and become a full-time indie game studio. We are looking for team members to work with on this simple project called Catch.io (working title).

About the project

Catch.io is a simple 30 player 2D battle-royal catch game set in a medieval fantasy world with sorceresses and witches from different parts of the world that emphasizes on stealth rather than action. Each stage will last about 20-50 minutes, depending on how the room creator sets their game duration. The objective of the game is to catch all the players and be the player with the most kill points until the game session ends.

The entire map will be dark and players will only be able to see within their line of sight from a top-down perspective (think of it like holding a flashlight). Each movement the player makes will generate a sound and a ripple effect to visualize the sound to the other players. The environment will have different surface types that can create different sounds or leave a footprint that will stay until that player is out of the game. There will be other throwable objects like rocks, inflatable bouncing toads, torches, trap runes etc. scattered throughout the map with different effects to aid the player. These throwable objects will generate a sound on its landing point that is exactly the same as the player's movement sound, giving it the illusion that the player is there. The trap runes are a placable trap object that will explode when another player (or a throwable object) gets near. Players can choose from a set of player classes such as a pyromancer, necromancer, etc and these classes will change the side effect of those trap runes. But everything else will be the same.

Throwable objects can be used for other purposes as well. For instance, there are no ranged "weapons" in the game, but you can throw rocks at another player to stun them for a short while. The game does not have any health system and kills can only be achieved by catching them (i.e. melee attack). But the game has a "stun stock" system where each stun state to a player will accumulate and increase the stun duration as the value gets higher (for example, being stun twice will increase the stun duration by 1.3 times). This stun stock can be decreased by consuming potions within the game.

At the end of each game, instead of having a closing circle like other battle-royal games do, Catch.io will have a giant crystal spawn in the middle of the map at the last minute of the game. Players who hold this crystal will gain 1 kill point every 10 seconds. But the player with the crystal will not be able to run and they will have a bright light illuminating their surrounding, making them much more visible to other players. Players can catch the other player with the crystal to steal it from them.

Overall the game is supposed to be simple and quick to develop (within 6 months), but because everyone is busy, it is hard to estimate exactly how long it will take for us to finish. Having said this, all the major mechanics and the overall structure of the game has been defined in the design docs, so assuming everything stays constant, no one would be lost during development. for further details, please consult the design docs at the end of this post.

About the team

Team STEP currently has about 6 team members (including myself) with one pixel artist, one music composer, and four programmers. Our team is from various locations around the world, everyone with their own day job. However, because most of the active members are currently living in South Korea, active timezones will be in GMT+9.

My resume

I have about 10 years of programming experience with various languages and engines, though using Unity is about my second time. I have a full-time job as a full-stack web application and blockchain infrastructure developer in Tokyo. However, I am not very knowledgeable in game development and I want to use this opportunity to practice how to effectively manage a project with people who you've never met before and compile a project manual that other indie game studios can use as a reference point. My role in this development will mostly be on the project management side, but if it's required, I can take on the role of a developer as well.

Who we need

We need a network programmer who knows how to use Mirror to convert our existing project into a multiplayer game. There will be other programming tasks as well such as bug fixes, feature implementations, etc., but currently the network component is the most important aspect of the game.

This project is aimed as a learning experience for everyone involved, but of course, if we get the opportunity, we are more than willing to kick start our career as an indie game studio.

But the main goal is to learn, practice, populate our resume, and most importantly, have fun. So the team would like anyone who has around 6 months of experience in the aforementioned area and people who are willing to learn as they go. There will be no consequence for quitting the project mid-way.


All the members of Team STEP have either a day job or other real-life responsibilities that they have to attend to. The only thing that makes us work is the passion for this project to be finished.

The expected workload is around 2 hours a day, or one feature a week. Of course, we don't really have an attendance system so the workload is totally up to you. We just want to finish the game before this year ends.

Working environment

Catch.io is developed using Unity 2019.4.0f1 and it will stay that will until the game is finished (assuming there's no breaking bug in the engine itself). Version control is done with Git and the project is managed from Github. Everything you need to know about git will be explained when necessary so no need to study beforehand. Game assets or other files will be stored on Google Drive share folder. Communication is done via Slack and weekly meetings are done via Google Meet. Meetings are generally optional.


We will simply split all the revenue this project makes, equally to everyone regardless of what your role is or how long you've been in the team. In terms of any development costs such as server fee, unity assets (if required) and domain fee will be paid from my own pocket. No one will need to spend a dime on this project.

Links and contacts

If you're interested in developing this project, please contact me from Discord (Hoon Kim#1643) or via email (hoonsubin11@gmail.com).

Thank you for reading this long post.

To Apply

Send a resume to hoonsubin11@gmail.com or Hoon Kim#1643

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