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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Deathmask Studios on


We at Deathmask Studios are now looking for one more programmer. The programmer should be familiar with character controllers, UI.

Things we see a huge bonus but not requirement:

# AI experience
# Multiplayer Networking

Mountain View

So who are we?

We are a group of 4 enthusiasts that live and breath computer games. Many of us has been part of computer gaming since ABC 80 was hot stuff ;) We aim to create a roleplaying game that brings back the sense of achievement that we often could find in older RPGs and also in some new ones (ie Blood Rayne, Dark Soul series). The game will consist of many new interesting ideas blended with older concepts and will be more towards the hardcore style where your decisions will be crucial to how well you will perform, since mistakes gets punished hard.

I will not create a wall of text here but instead link you to our website where you can read alot more about the game:


So what are we looking for?

We are looking for a coder (or two) that are having the same inner fire that drives them to create a game as good as they possibly can. That's the first important trait. Then when it comes to the technological parts we would love to see the coder having a good knowledge in Unity programming (C#). We would really value if you have experience in AI programming as well. Since the main tasks now on will be engine and asset works, character controller along with the upcoming AI. Another thing we see valuable is if you have any multiplayer network programming experience since that would allow us to progress another step to where we would like to have the game going.

The time spent on this project is done on our sparetime with hours we can spend since all the members have full time jobs and families as well, so we do not require anything else from you, put in the amount of hours you can and

What can we offer?

We can offer you a merry gang of enthusiast that are having fun doing the things we love. We can offer you an interesting journey that helps us all to develop our skills. Our only caveat is that we cannot offer you any direct payment, until the game is being release (we plan for a steam release) and then you will get a revenue share along with the other members.

We are truly excited and looking forward to hear more from you!

/Deathmask Studios

To Apply

If you are interested in joining this project or having any questions, then please send a mail to nobleknight23@hotmail.com or submit a mail from the website. Please include an introduction of yourself and examples of what kind of projects you have done before.

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