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Add job [Rev-share/Hobby] Looking for pixel artists for a stealth-focused fantasy 2D onl at Team STEP

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by hoonsubin on


Hello everyone! My name is Hoon Kim, a member of Team STEP. We are a group of aspiring indie game developers who want to learn more about working as a team and hopefully kickstart our career and become a full-time indie game studio. We are looking for team members to work with on this simple project called Catch.io (working title). But considering that over 90% of indie game studios die within a year or never see the light of day, I'll pitch this as a learning experience that has the potential for a rev-share (if finished) to keep things real.

About the project

Catch.io is an online stealth-focused battle-royal. The game's objective is to be the last player standing by either catching other players or hide while they catch each other. This project takes inspiration from popular battle-royal games like PUBG or Fortnite but focused on stealthy gameplay and strategy. There are no guns or ranged weapons that can kill the other player. Instead, you can only catch another player by melee attacking them from the back. The player can do this by utilizing different tools and items that are scattered throughout the game map. Every movement that the player makes will create a visual soundwave that is visible to other players. Certain surfaces will leave a footprint that will last until that player is out of the game. And other environmental indicators like an open door or fallen stacks of books to announce your presence.

For further details, please consult the design docs at the end of this post.

Who we need

We need a pixel artist who can adapt our existing style and create character + animations and work on item/props for the project (sample). The sprites are 16 ~ 32 px square large (a single tile is 32x32). Character sprites are 8-directional with animation for each state (walking, running, throwing, etc.)

We understand that this is not a small task and that is why we want someone with enough dedication for this project to join us and be part of the team to make this game into a reality. Of course, if the task gets too tough, we will be slim lining our vision.

Having said that, the main goal for this project is to learn, practice, populate our resume, and most importantly, have fun. So the team would like anyone who has around 6 months of experience in the aforementioned area and people who are willing to learn as they go. The only consequence for quitting the project mid-way is losing the right for a revenue share after the game launches, nothing else. We would like a member who will contribute to the project for at least 4 weeks or create at least 3 usable assets (which includes animations and all 8 directions of a single state/character) before considering leaving the team.


All the members of Team STEP have either a day job or other real-life responsibilities that they have to attend to. The only thing that moves us towards the finish line is the passion for this project to be finished.

We expect around 2 hours a day, or one feature a week. Of course, we don't really have an attendance system so the workload is totally up to you, but please make sure to keep the team updated frequently including extending deadlines or making changes to your tasks.

Tasks are distributed on a weekly basis during our weekend team meeting while the task details and adjustments are made within the department.

The Team and our Working Environment

We are a diverse team that gathered together on the interest of making this project happen. You can see the current team members involved from this page (updated regularly). Our team is comprised of people starting from developers who are new to this industry to people with experience working as a professional.

Catch.io is developed using Unity 2019.4.8f1 and it will stay that will until the game is finished (assuming there's no breaking bug in the engine itself). Version control is done with Git and the project is managed from Github for developers. Game assets or other files will be stored on Google Drive share folder. Artists will generally upload their work there.

Communication is done via Slack and weekly meetings are done via Google Meet. Currently, the team has an Art department, Programming department, and the game design department. New members will mostly communicate with the department leads regarding the task detail and such.


This will be a simple revenue split project, every revenue that was made directly from this game will be split amongst the members who stick with the development till the end.

In terms of any development costs such as server fee, unity assets (if required) and domain fee will be paid from my own pocket. No one will need to spend a dime on this project.

Links and contacts

Thank you for reading this long post.

To Apply

If you're interested in developing this project, please contact me from Discord (Hoon Kim#1643) or email (hoonsubin11@gmail.com).

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