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Posted by Jewel Seeker Entertainment on

Background Test04

We are looking for a very dedicated, experienced Blueprinter/Programmer who can work well with Unreal Engine 4. Our game Apprentice Arriving is an Action / Medieval / Fantasy RPG for PC and Consoles.

Apprentice Arriving is a Single Player and Multiplayer game with a high graphics standard. The game is inspired of Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, The Witcher, classics like Baldurs Gate, Silver, Landstalker and many more Roleplay Games.

Current Development Stage
Our Vertical Slice Demo is about to be done. We have environments, 3d models including animations, UI, HUD, story, programming, music and much more.

What will be in the game?
⁃ Epic battles with a multitude of various weapons and armor sets
⁃ Use of magic, several fighting stances and skills
⁃ Variety of costumes
⁃ Challenging bossfights
- Unique, magical design
⁃ Management of various skilltress
⁃ Macro management to create your chosen class
- Mini games

Screenshot 001

Screenshot 003

What you will be working on:
- UI
- Combat System for Character and AI
- make it functional for gamepad
- save and load
- implementation of all sounds and animations
- Multiplayer Co-op
- inventory
You will work together with our programmer and the tasks will be split.

An investor is already interested and is looking forward to play our demo. After completion we will submit the demo.

Payment for the demo
This is an unpaid position for the time being where you work on the demo. So this is for a very dedicated programmer who wants to help us bring this game to life. However when we get funded from the investor a decent salary is definitely guaranteed. Also we will do our best to pay you at the time you are working on the demo, too but the payment will be rather low and it will be more like appreciation for the help.

To Apply


Signing of the NDA

Familiar with Unreal Engine 4
Very good Blueprinting skills
Familiar with C++
Teamwork should be normal to you
Good English skills

Desired but not required:

Familiar with git Bitbucket, GitHub or Perforce (we currently use Bitbucket)
Programming team lead
Level Design experience/Unreal Engine integrator

If you are interested to collaborate with us, please send us a mail with your resume and a reference to: contact@jewel-seeker.net

We are looking forward to your application!

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