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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Anywhere on

My name is Trevor,
And i am looking to put together a team for a multiplayer fps game of great quality! I have started work on the project with a friend but due to an unfortunate emergency he has left, and i need a team to complete it. As mentioned in the title the game is started and pretty far into development but not near completion.
As of now the game has,

- Server Browser,
- 2 Teams,
- 5 Game modes (TDM, FFA, CTF - SnD, Control Point (Last two are buggy))
- 4 Classes (though it may be removed we will see)- Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon,
- Working Prototype Weapons- Assault Rifle, Semi-Auto Pistol, Sniper, Shotgun, Grenade, Knife.
- Advanced Damage System in place,
- Leveling Up System- XP and Points gainer,
- WIP Login System- Keeps Kills and Death and Level Stats (with a rank system also WIP)
- Kill cam- Battlefield like that shows an enemy player that has killed you.
- Kill Notifiers with icons,
- Character Selection (this is in game a player can choose their model)
- Working mini map with enemy triangles when firing,
- Main Menu (Prototype menu however, not finalized)
- Weapon Pickup

And More....

Some features i definitely plan-
- Battle Talk
- Announcers (Like COD and Battlefield)
- More teams (Each with their spawn, victory and defeat themes and icons... announcers and voices)
- Kill-streaks
- Vehicles
- Comp System (Complicated like more of a tournament/playing for money/gambling system)
- More Stats Keeping
- Fixing bugs and WIP features
And More....

There is a very well written GDD for the game explaining all features in detail! (including the tournaments and what i mean with the comp thing.... Sorry for lack of details there but i dont want to spill too much. For all those who join it is very well documented in the GDD)

I am Currently looking for all positions to be filled which includes-

C Sharp programmer (Intermediate or Advanced)

Modeler (can Texture)


UI Artist

2D Animator


Voice Actors (And Actresses)

And other position that can be filled or any other talents you may have...

I plan to make this a very fun and amazing project for all!

If anyone is interested please email me at deltatechstudios@gmail.com

Thank You

To Apply

email me at deltatechstudios@gmail.com

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