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Programmers located USA.

Posted by Mykhail_Kozak on

We are currently looking for experienced Unreal 4 developers to help build a 3D management simulation game based off of Prison Architect and the SCP Universe. We would like to focus on a high amount of moddability as well.

It will be based around the construction and management of a facility designed to study and contain anomalous objects and creatures, with tactical elements thrown in when first attempting to capture the anomaly.

Facilities can be above ground, underground, or a mix of both and will have multiple levels, and will have a randomly generated surface with different gameplay effects.

There will be a sandbox mode alongside of a small campaign. Other users will have the ability to share their own campaign made in an editor.

We need you to be able to cooperate with multiple team members and to be available for communication using Discord. This is a long term project and will eventually be sold on the market, so be willing to work for a good amount of time. It is also best that you are well informed about the SCP Universe as many references will be made to that.

Payment is currently unavailable, however will be provided once the project has funding.

To Apply

Send a resume to imjacobfossum@gmail.com
Be sure to include examples of past work

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