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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Level Designers located Anywhere.

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We are BlindFold Studios(www.blindfold-studios.com). We are an indie studio based out of Dublin, Ireland. We all work remotely but if you are in the vicinity, even better. We currently have 4 members. 2 artist, 1 sound designer and myself (the programmer).

What you will be doing here? :

Well I'm glad you asked! Your job here is to work directly with myself (Hi Btw, I'm Paul). Along with the team, we will be designing mechanics, story ideas and level designs for our upcoming game. All will be explained in due time, all you need to know for now. The game is a 2D Pixel Art Platformer.

What do I need? :

Not much really. Obviously you need to have had some sort of experience designing games and working on level design. Be able to speak English. Be able to do up documents, such as GDD etc. Be available for very regular communication on slack and regular skype calls. A dying passion to make games etc etc.

Everything else will be explained once we receive an email from you. Without further delay, fire them emails over to us!

To Apply

Send a resume to paul@blindfold-studios.com

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