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Hi there!

In Level Design at Otherside we use space to facilitate gameplay that is driven by players that feel free to make choices that will matter. We immerse players in our game world by maintaining instant expression of the player’s intention at all times, so much of our storytelling is done with space itself. We are informed by the lessons and successes of classic immersive sims while working to bring those ideals into the 21st century.

What you’ll do:

Work with the ld lead, the design lead, designers, writers, concept artists, environment artists and engineers to create levels that support the creative vision of the game.

Work at the high level, defining full, broad stroke layouts, and on the low level, focusing on tactical space and moment to moment gameplay facilitation.

Work in engine with a level building kit to construct and manage your levels from greybox to set dressing and final polish.

Iterate on your work in response to feedback, as well as give positive and constructive feedback to other members of the team.

Play tons of comparable games and talk about them at length.

What we’re looking for:

You have experience working on and shipping at least one first person action game or can demonstrate serious potential in this area. You can demonstrate an understanding of what sets first person gameplay apart from other styles of play, what the implications are for gameplay/level design and why.

You love discussing design in general and picking apart what works and doesn’t work in the games you are playing. You’ll be able to discuss and consider your own intentions with fellow designers in pursuit of more clearly understanding what works/ doesn’t work within your own designs.

You have a portfolio or clear examples of your work you can point us to.

You have a passion for first person shooters and immersive sims with well thought out ideas in regards to what makes them tick and how they can be improved. You are aware of the history of immersive sims and eager to evangelize your own ideas.

You are a positive influence on the team, quick to point out what you love about other’s work and eager to take in feedback from all departments. You will have an open mind when it comes to team member’s ideas, incorporating suggestions to iterate on your work towards what is best for the game.

Ideally you will have:

  • 5+ years' experience in the games industry working in a level design capacity, shipping at least one title. Experience that includes a shipped AAA game(s) is ideal.
  • Experience working with the unreal engine or similar, using scripting tools like blueprints to orchestrate events.
  • Deep practical knowledge of level design process including level flow, engagement, structure, pacing, environmental storytelling, and testing.
  • Experience in rapid prototyping to test feasibility of concepts.
  • A portfolio or otherwise detailed breakdown of examples of your work, showcasing the above.
  • Competency in pitching game design concepts in a clear, detailed manner, through strong written and verbal skills.
  • A team-oriented approach to your work, understanding the importance of collaboration, and partnering effectively with all departments.
  • Willingness to master new tools and techniques.
  • Passion about the play experience, with a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of games.
  • Passion for making and playing games.

Games from the last five years that demonstrate an understanding and mastery of level design concepts we value:

Control, Death of the Outsider, Dying Light, Prey, DOOM: Eternal, Alien: Isolation, Destiny 2, Far Cry 5, Titanfall 2.

To Apply

Send an email with a link to your portfolio, or with clear examples of your work attached to jpappas@otherside-e.com

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