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Add job C++ First Person Combat and Enemy AI Programmer at Chico Games

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Posted by Chico Games on

Chico Games is a UK based studio working on a furniture store survival game. The game is called The Store is Closed and it's a first person, online co-op, survival game featuring melee combat.

We’re looking for C++ gameplay developer to create a melee combat system aswell as enemy AI. You’ll need experience creating multiplayer games and working with AI, Pathfinding and Behavior Trees. You’d be working with an animator to create a first person combat system as well as enemy behavior and AI in a multiplayer title.

  • Collaborating with the team to design the melee combat and as well as enemy behavior.
  • Majority C++ project where blueprints are mainly used to facilitate design and iteration.
  • Comfortable working with AI, Pathfinding, Behavior Trees, EQS.
  • Experience with creating Animation blueprints.
  • Working with an animator one on one to build unique enemy behaviors and attacks.


  • 2+ years C++ gameplay programming experience.
  • Experience working on a project with online multiplayer.
  • Experience working on a combat system, enemy AI, Pathfinding, Behavior Trees, EQS.
  • Experience doing gameplay and combat design.
  • Experience working with animation blueprints.

Would be a plus:

  • Experience with Unreal GAS.
  • Experience on a first person project.

To Apply

Email ziggygamedev+IndieDB@gmail.com
Please put ‘C++ Gameplay programmer’ in the subject.
Please include a CV and any projects/games you’ve contributed to, and what you personally worked on for each project.