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Posted by Pajgla on

Block Heroes is the game I started making for fun but soon I wanted to make it big. The game where player can earn or buy heroes to pass single player levels or check his skills in multiplayer battle (multiplayer is not supported yet). Every hero is unique and there are 4 rarities - Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Before every level, player can check enemies that he/she will meet, their stats and secret powers so the player have to pick 5 heroes carefully to counter enemies and use heroes's full potential. Currently, there are only 7 ally heroes and 5 enemy heroes and 10 levels, but without any art, we can not progress further.
Some heroes are drawn by old artist but, because of private problems, he had to leave the project. Every other art in the game is made by me and it looks awful so I need someone who have experience and someone who loves to make art to help us. There is sound producer working with me right now.
Profit - we will make a contract soon as we start working - when we finish the game, every person in the team (including me) will get 1/3 of monthly revenue per month. Revenue is from Ads (without aggressive ads in the game) and mostly from in-app purchases.

P.S. - This is not a job for anyone. This will be a team with 3 people who loves games and making them. Everyone is welcome!

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If you want to check out the game before joining, You can contact me here:
I would also like to see some of Your past arts if possible.

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