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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by Mad Marlin Media on

These job positions are volunteer positions for an indie project by Mad Marlin Media, The project is titled "Sergio"

Work experience and a lot of skill are not required, as long as you know the basics, and have a desire to improve, you'll be okay.

Must be able to tell us a little about yourself, and loosen up.

You'll be helping out programming most things that help is needed on. such as AI systems, to being able to use a parachute.

-Texture artist
You'll be working on the textures of course. from guns and objects to characters. can be very simple or as complex as you desire.

You'll be working on environmental items to weapons in the game, and every once in a while a character model.

You'll be animating most things from walk cycles to the craziest things we can imagine.

English as a first, or at least fluent language required.

If you don't have a resume or don't know how to make one go ahead and just send us a portfolio as an email, and we will look it over.

Things to include in your resume
-how long you've worked with animating
-what you've worked on
-any quick video of something you've animated
-discord, and/or Skype
-Steam name
-favorite game
-tell us your favorite color
-tell us your darkest secret
-have fun with it, no blandness
-include a picture of your favorite meme or something funny(can be inappropriate, the more so, the better.)

To Apply

Send an email or resume to thehuecrue@gmail.com
If we do not reply back within two days, go ahead and send us a twitter message.

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