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Hey, you! This is my Idea to make a Video game cutscene to look like a animated cartoon done with paper and less ink, so anyway, Backgrounds and characters are done with paper and cel, anyway I've mentioned about this...


This animation style had interfluced me with mid-90s animation, like these disney films, or even the Video games like Earthworm Jim and Cuphead's animations are also done with paper. Have you remember your childwood that the cartoons were great and very good before in 2010s are being so worse in Cartoon Network?

Of course yes, I do when good things were good, as usually... the Animated cutscenes drawn in paper to seem like 90s animation (No Toon Boom or Flash). as Since it all, Disney, Universal and Warner Bros animation style interfluced me as my childwood.

So anyway there's some one more, Before Crack enters into third dimension, there also the pre-rendered CGI Spaceship during the cutscenes of "Planet Nightmare". and even for a last time... in the Crack's third game and later, All of them are getting smoothy and clear done in 3DSmax.

And last one thing, Before flash and Toon Boom. This technique was like a in-game cutscenes representing sprites like you have heard about Freedom Planet.
But of course In the game Crack, The Level "Planet of the 1930s" entire sprites seems to be a 1930s cartoon in black and white and it's something simillar to others like Cuphead. So you must do rubberhose anyway.

Would you soon also animate these sprites right smoothly?
are you also the animator that also animate sprites?
Are you susing Aseprite, Photoshop or anything like that?
We'll see it!

So anyway... Good luck everybody

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Contact: Komis405@gmail.com

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