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Add job 3D modellers and 3D Artists required at Railcase Studios

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Artists located Anywhere.

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I'm Tim, a university student in Australia currently studying engineering. I also have previous legal/business backgrounds and experience, and have been involved in developing games previously which have made thousands of dollars in profit.

Because of this, I am able to offer you a role in this organisation in which you will experience what it is like to work for a professional game development company, including non-disclosure agreements and all the other contracts involved.

We will be developing a strategy game in Unity3D, in some ways similar to Age of Empires and Mount & Blade Warband - however with many very unique features that I believe will seperate our game from all the others - including manipulating gamers' desires of a sense of accomplishment through the ability to create/design unique elements of the environment.

Everyone in this project has a voice towards how they want this game designed - including deciding upon realistic textures or cartoon textures. We will divide the profits of the sale of this game in a way which rewards each person based on the work they are able to contribute to the project.

Once it is clear that this project will succeed, I will purchase Unity3D Pro as well as any other licenses/assets we require.

We will be using discord to communicate, as it allows us to chat in text, call and share screens.

No matter what your skill level is, or how much time you can devote to this project, please apply. It will be a beneficial experience for you no matter any of your potential limitations.


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Send a resume to timsapiga@gmail.com

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