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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by SighFye on

I am looking for some artists to build 3D graphic models, and make animations for an endless runner zombie game I am building. The game is getting built in Unity. It is a remake of a simple game I made back at TAFE so the basic plan is done. I am currently in the process of process design (flow charts and er diagrams) with a VERY basic running prototype.

The style I am looking for is cartoony similar to these drawings. Pbs.twimg.com
I did not draw these nor do I have any rights to these images. They are just for example purposes. Other models would include houses, trees, cars, general stage clutter that you would see in a post apocalyptic world. Artist's must be able to work together, if there are multiple artist, to ensure the overall theme is consistent.

The level blocks also need to be created using Unity's terrains. The terrain itself is not complex but I want the stages to be believable.

If you only have the skills in one or the other you are welcome to apply.

To Apply

Contact me on Discord (SighFye#6636) or email tomhanson.home@gmail.com and show me some of the work you have done.

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