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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Chalk on

About the position:

I'm currently looking for 3D Modellers with experience in Blender, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, or similar software. I'm developing a tech demo in order to pitch the development of a licensed game for an established universe, as well as potentially approaching publishers.

I'm currently developing the game solo, solely focusing on the code, framework, engine, and tool development, and as such I have little to no time to actually work on the game art. I'm currently greyboxing all art assets, with a few custom meshes, but it's quickly becoming apparent that I need help with the art in order to provide the best possible Alpha demo I can.

About me:

I'm a professional software developer from South Africa with nearly 10 years experience in programming and software development. I previously worked as a full stack web developer, but I recently decided to turn my hobby of game development into a career.

About the project:

The game is currently being developed in Unity, in which I have years of hobby experience. Most of the foundation of the game has been complete to a degree that can be considered Alpha, however many systems and features lack art and need to be fleshed out.

The game is intended to be set in an existing licensed universe, but I need a tech demo in order to continue with the discussions. I'm also considering potentially approaching publishers in order to fund the project.

About you (hopefully):

I don't expect perfect AAA graphics, as this is only intended for an alpha tech demo, so students and hobbyists can feel free to apply. At the same time, I want to at least try to capture the essence of the final graphics, so stylised low poly or blocky art is unfortunately not what I'm after. I don't require a portfolio or anything like that, however I would like to see some pieces you've worked on in order to gauge if your style is a fit for the project

About your requirements:

Core requirements:

  • Ability to create meshes with neat edge loops and no ngons using 3D Modelling software
  • Ability to UV unwrap and texture the meshes
  • Basic understanding of creating modular environmental assets

Pluses (not required, but would be nice):

  • Ability to create PBR materials for an HDR environment
  • Ability to animate your models
  • Ability to create any form of 2D art (textures, UI, concept, etc)

About compensation:

I'm currently working on the project full time while doing contract and freelance work on the side, however I don't have any spare income to afford to pay anybody at this time. I'm also not going to offer insulting offers like rev sharing, or asking you to do it for exposure. I will compensate you fully for any and all work done once I manage to secure a publishing deal.

Unfortunately my deal for the license of the game does not include any budget, as the license holders won't be personally involved in the project - I will simply work with their existing assets and license.

To Apply

Email me at chalkvandm@gmail.com or add me on Discord at Chalk#7803 and we can discuss it further!

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