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True respect to your lord (Groups : 1099: The First Crusade Followers : Forum : Ideas : True respect to your lord) Locked
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May 3 2011 Anchor

You cannot force players to obey their masters. In fact there are no masters. But in medieval world if this is a simulation you must manage to make a social class system. Best way to do it, to seperate the players who pay/do not pay(free).

My idea is based on this and it goes something like this: Give premium players a right to become a lord. The main benefit of prem is the ability to build and hold fiefs.
And regular people should accept a prem as a master to get fief
advantages, they don't have to be accept someone as their master but they'll lose the
advantages of a fief then, they live nomad.

As it comes to TRUE respect. A lord should have (lets say) 10 NPC guards. If someone do not obey after accepting him as a lord, he has a right to execute the player. (or any other punishment he wants)

May 4 2011 Anchor

well, that sounds a good idea, I was thinking of a rank of privilliges if you join a kingdom (Both Pre-made and Player), like a King would have total control over everything in the kingdom.

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