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Poll: mining setup (3 votes)
Industrial perspective (Groups : 1099: The First Crusade Followers : Forum : Ideas : Industrial perspective) Locked
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death2falcon village idot
Mar 27 2011 Anchor

When i usually play games i like to be the industrial type. meaning the miner or farmer.

what exactly are u planning on doing for the civilian type.

farmer-grab land and farm
blacksmith- builds weapons tool etc.
tailor- clothing expert

as for the mining experience.
a)pre-built mines where a player goes down and mines at a wall and generates the certain resource.
b)player built mine
1)possible need for support structure? player crappy support structure have cave-in?
2)will ore be renewable?
3)how deep will u be able to mine?

other fields of jobs
woodcutter- will you be able to plant trees or will trees respawn over time.
baker/cook- depend on health system
healer/surgeon- depend on heath system

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you can pick your friends, you can pick your friends nose but you can't pick your own nose.

Apr 1 2011 Anchor

There will be both, meaning a Town that appears at start of game would have it's mine, but you can create your own.

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