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This group has been formed to gather the people who enjoy Japanese anime and all of its facets, to salute the people from the land of the Rising Sun.

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All upcoming winter anime 2016
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my comments about this season anime is here:

also few additions:
- this season is filled with fanservices. even calm paced and comfy looking anime have one-two "naughty" scenes. D:

- Musaigen no Phantom World is a new KyoAni anime selling plots. Currently it is considered memetic tier. limbo scene anyone?

- Ao no Kanata is the anime version of one of the good VN out there. if you like this kind of stuff, give it a watch.

- Sekkou Boys is japan being japan
- HaruChika is gay

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Is HaruChika that bad? Mind you I read the premise and it didn't seem all that interesting anyway.

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Nah, not that "bad". I just see pandering elements in it.
Let's say, take Hibike Euphonium brass instrument club but they have lack of members like K-On light music club, then put gay main characters (literally, hence I said that), and let them solve Conan-esque mysteries.

I don't know if the original novel is also like that, but if it is not then something really wrong with P.A Works. Their few last works are bad imo. *cough*Charlotte*cough* *cough*Glasslip*cough*

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That... Sounds so meh.

Like it's an "Eh, whatevs" show that sort of shows up in your recommended list and one goes "Well, might as well." And come out "That was a thing." Without anything memorable happening at all.

Oh yeah which reminds me, got side tracked from your recommendations earlier, and ended up reading through the entirety of Berserk. Not sure how that happened either.

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I wouldn't really call those lists I made a recommendation list anyway. out of 10 titles I mentioned in a list, maybe only around 3 titles that I actually recommend. xD

every time a new season list is being posted in this group, I usually make a comment out of that list mentioning the noteworthy titles of that season. good or bad.
depending on the upload time, what I said about the mentioned anime could be a preview, first impression, or if it is a most anticipated anime of that season. that's why after some time I might add a few more notes like above if I did not mention certain titles in my earlier list, like if there is a good anime caught under my radar, or those that I've mentioned earlier turned out not like what I expected.

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