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An online PvP arena: jump on other players to kill them, or burn them to ashes! 🔥 Remember to bring a friend with you to be incinerated, otherwise you'll have no other choice than to commit seppuku… ⚱️ Registration is mandatory; that's why we are running this giveaway! All flying‑creatures of prey are welcome!

Created by Lohoris on

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64 copies of Pixels of prey won

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Pixels of prey

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INtense! Staff

Can you explain where and how to redeem these keys thanks Lohoris

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Lohoris Creator

Sure :)

You download and start the game, you click "Register", and along your desired username and password, you'll have to enter one of these keys.

Feel free to try it yourself :D 7034–0862–6187

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oh dear ,i thought it was a steam key :)

Guess i'll figure it out,can't be too hard ,cheers !

Why don't these very nice devs ever put something in the comments.
They always say "check the comments" ,never anything there.:)

I presume we have to go to Pixp.live and take it from there.

"WARNING! This is a private alpha build. It is not meant to be distributed to or played by anyone besides designated testers."

Not sure what the prize is here ,an opportunity to be an intern for a short while?

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Lohoris Creator

I've put it here for free in order to allow people to play with it.

This is currently not under active developement, so play it if you like, pass otherwise :D

BTW just above your comment there is one that explains how to redeem the key.

Oh, and currently the game can also be downloaded here from IndieDB.

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Thank you!
Small download ,approx. 24mb.
Some of the best games have come in small packages.
Nintendo n64 roms come to mind.

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Lohoris Creator

Yeah, usually games are huge due to their graphic and music assets - with pixel art it's easier to stay smaller :D

Simple is better sometimes ;)

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Thanks for game :)

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Lohoris Creator

Thanks for the interest, and for playing it if you do :D

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