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Hi everyone! To celebrate the early access of Journey of Greed, we started this giveaway. Hope you enjoy and good luck! This is a perfect hybrid of social board game and strategy card game. Steal, set traps, assassinate, escape, mind games... A fun game to play with friends and compete online with three other players at each adventure and use every mean possible to gain coins for the ultimate victory.

Created by Dirdgames on

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20 copies of Journey of Greed won on Steam

Giveaway is closed

788 people joined this giveaway


Thanks :)

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dirdgames Creator

**** luck :)

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Thank you

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Hi. Lucky to win one of the keys of Journey of Greed, I'm very happy :)
But when you activate the inscription came out that this is a beta version. After activation key number of games has not increased.
The question is, the game will stay with me forever or will disappear from the library? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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dirdgames Creator

The game will stay with you forever :)
The beta key is the same as the release key. (The difference is you don't have to wait the game to be released to play it, and we won't retract them, ever).

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Thanks for the reply. That's cool :)

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Journey of Greed
Journey of Greed Turn Based Strategy
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