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The nightmare starts when "John Doe" an excellent computer programmer and graphic designer kills his wife and daughter in an accident one year ago. Now every day he has a nightmare, but this time it's different. This time the nightmare seems more realistic, too real for him!. Remember, you are not alone... There is a monster looking for you! Your task is to survive this nightmare and to not be caught by this entity! Read all notes for advice from the past. Controls: W/A/S/D - Movement E - Grab Items or Open/Close Doors F - Flashlight ESC - Pause INSTRUCTION: 1. You need a key to open the outside door! 2. Read notes on the walls 3. Office is upstairs 4. In the forest, you only find notes and monster 5. The dungeon is a way to end the game! 6. The flashlight is in the living room GIVEAWAY! Get a chance to win Endless Nighmares my first game! Any feedback on my itch.io gamepage is very appreciated!

Created by HauntStudios on

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Endless Nightmares - The Game

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