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Coming Dec 25, 2020

Dave is retiring in 30 days. In preparation for retirement Dave must make as much money as possible to purchase everything needed to live comfortably in retirement. Between levels go home and spend your hard earned money shopping online. To get paid each day, Dave must get his coffee by weaving his way through a maze of cubicles while avoiding Chatty Cathy in PacMan inspired gameplay Dave must get his coffee. After collecting all the coffee beans enjoy that sweet victory by making it to the coffee maker undetected. Find friendly NPCs at the watercooler to get new websites to order stuff, hear strange stories or complaints, and if you have the right quest items unlock some secrets! Also, don't neglect the wifey!

Created by LouBagel coming

To enter, click the big button below. Indie DB subscribers get 5x the chance to win (and see no ads), so if you want to support our great community and increase your chance of winning free games, subscribe to Indie DB here. At the end of the competition winners will be notified via email or you can check your prizes here. For more information about Dave-Man head to their homepage.

100 copies of Dave-Man
to WIN on Steam

Coming soon

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LouBagel Creator

Merry Christmas everyone!

(or Happy just another Thursday December 25th if you don't celebrate...but if so, apologize in advance for the continued Christmas references)

I'm so happy to be playing Santa Claus this horrible year and giving you all the joy of Dave-Man, the game about avoiding people you don't want to talk to (well, just Chatty Cathy, I guess).

Let me throw a few links at you first:
Dave-Man on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Website: Loubagel.com

Discord Invite: Discord.gg

Twitter: Twitter.com
(I'm on basically every social media but not gonna post all the links here - just search LouBagel or LouBagelCombo5)

Dave-Man is my first commercially released game. My goal was to simply complete a game and release it on Steam - so mission accomplished!

But as expected, sales were not great. So I'm super happy to be giving away a bunch of copies to you all just so people will get to play it!

Let me know what you think! Easiest way to reach me is on my Discord or Twitter. Feel free to reach out with any questions before the giveaway, or for anything else. If you are a Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, blogger, or of the media feel free to reach out for a free copy if you are looking to cover the game.

Enjoy and may your holidays be merry!

...but not too merry, because that is definitely not Dave's style!

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