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Wander the earth as a zombie looking for some tasty brains to eat, but be sure to dodge any flaming humans who will bring your feeding frenzy to a violent end. Zombie Feeding Frenzy comes with 2 distinct game modes: -Arcade: The full and true Zombie Feeding Frenzy experience with stylish graphics and full touch controls, along with power-ups and much much more. -Classic: Step back in time with this nostalgic mode that replicates the fun of Zombie Feeding Frenzy within the limitations of the original Game & Watch hardware. Select "Game A" for a starter challenge or prove your true brain munching skills in the super fast "Game B". Both modes have their own individual highscore board so you can compete with your friends and strangers around the world for the chance to be in the top 10 zombie feeders in the world. The good news is that all of this great content is completely free!

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