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What is Zadal's Quest?

Zadal's Quest is an RPG revolving around a young dragon prince by the name of Zadal Ultimum, a game I've been working on for around 5 years, and my dream.


Zadal is thrown off of Lydia, his home in the sky, by his tyrant of a father. When he awakens he is greeted by a new friend, Steven Magna, an Ultima Dragon once from Lydia as well, who wants to help Zadal defeat Celebrant. Zadal meets many new friends on his journey, who all want to help him defeat his father, and save Lydia from a terrible ruler.

Website: Drexanzxikam.wix.com
Forum: Zadalsquest.freeforums.net

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I don't think I'll be updating this page anymore. If you want more frequent updates please head over to the website. Zadalsquestblog.wordpress.com

I would like to mention that I am also looking for teammates for the game, however I cannot pay. I will try to give you something for your help, besides experience, but I cannot promise anything.

The Team is growing

The Team is growing


The Drexanz Xikam Development Team, DXDT, is growing. I'm not 100% sure on one of my programmers involvement, the way he talked made me uneasy. But other...

The New Forum

The New Forum


Zadal's Quest has a new forum. The forum is for news, questions, advice, and generally chatting with me. Please consider joining.


Visit the forum for more frequent updates.

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