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Time of Wrath gives a fine piece of wargaming for every fan of WW2 era. This strategy allows players to take control over any country during World War 2 era in Europe and North Africa theater. It was designed in a way which allow players who are new to the genre to quickly familiarize with the rules and to start battles with veterans who still remember great classic strategy titles. Easy rules, deep historical setting and detailed OOB, together with great moddability potential will allow for hundreds of hours of gameplay as any nation or even whole alliance.

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This game reminds me of Panzer General, but on a larger world wide scale. You build your forces up, research, and away you go to global dominiation in a World War II style.

The best thing I like about this game, is unlike other WWII style games, this one is probably the most accurate with events and dates. Even smaller events were added with great detail. For example, when Russia attacked Finland, the dates were exact, from date of war declaired to date of peace. (At least for me anyway.) It also give's you opitions to avoid war altogether.

Some improvements need to be made however... I couldn't get the tutorial to work, which can be a pain since I'm still figuring a few things out. The Music, I think was the most annoying, it should be switched to some classical. Throw some Motzart, or Behtoven in there, anything but what they have. Finally, the price is also a big complaint, it's a bit pricey, but if you love Panzer General, and wanted that game to be a Global version, this game may be worth the price tag.


If you love the hex turn based strategy game, you will love this one.
And so says a Panzer General, Allied general, Steel Panthers veteran.


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