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Wooden Sen'SeY is an action-platformer for PC and Mac, set in a unique "Japan Steam Rock" universe. You follow Goro, a village chief, as he seeks revenge through a variety of levels. He will defeat his enemies using his axes to slice, dice, squash and grapple! Upper Byte, the French indie studio behind Wooden Sen'SeY, is a tiny team with only two members: Cédric, the creative force, and Camille, the insane coder. Their ultimate goal is world domination. But for now, nice polished games, with hardcore old school gameplay and nice graphics is enough! Wooden Sen'SeY features: - Exotic new worlds, old school hardcore gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics! - Various graphics, music and gameplay for each level! - Several ways to take the way of the Sensei: dive in or play with finesse! - "Dev-Time" challenge for each level: beat the developers' time! Wooden Sen'SeY won the advisory board special prize at Game Connection Asia 2012, and is an IndieCade 2012 finalist!

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This game is a pleasant surprise!
Love the graphics, the art style and most importantly - the gameplay!

Beautiful and enjoyable !
Like 'old' plateform game with progressive difficulty, I take a lot a pleasure to play.
I highly recommend it !


etay2k says

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I was really impressed by the demo , but I think it would be better if the default grapple button on the Xbox controller would be mapped to the B button and not the RB...

Also, it seems to me to be a bit too easy to get extra lives, but I guess it's gets harder on the full game. Nice use of unity.

Another small complaint : Jumping on enemies is much easier than fighting them face to face, so it's a bit repetitive ...


What happens when Alex Kidd gets two grappling axes and a wooden hat ?
What happens when evil Dustbunnies steal all of his booze ?
What happens when 2 guys decide that casual gaming is over ?

Find out in this pretty game, hard and fun !


A good game, nervous gameplay and progressive difficulty. Everyone should have it !


Aurao says

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What would you do if some bad guy came to your village and stole all your booze? Go after him of course! Killing all smaller bad guys and collecting booze on your way.


Finicky and slightly clunky controls mar the experince of this old-fashioned platformer a bit, but they don't stop it from being a enjoyable affair. The trouble is, it's nothing we haven't played before.


Simply amazing platformer. The most graphic way I found to describe it shortly would be: A fusion of the platformers of the past with visuals and feel of Trine & They Bleed Pixels [this one because of the bit bigger emphasis on combat than most platformers].

Presentation is top notch - each level has its own style of graphics, its own music track - which are all top notch, full energy or calming, appropriately to the tempo of the stage. The second level - "sunset" [ which I personally call Sakura Holland :)] with its cherry blossoms, pagodas and windmills is simply a sight to behold.

But the real meat of the game is the gameplay - and it's superb.
Wooden sen'sey does not try to reinvent the wheel (as it is a stupid and pointless idea) but rather puts its own spin on classic mechanics like double jump and trinesque grappling. Especially the stomp-jump, allowing for a higher jump only after hitting the ground, changes the way the game plays rather more drastically than one may think it would - as the stomp jump only gives you more height, usually at the cost of the distance travelled, making some otherwise simple jumps far more threatening.

Each of the 9 levels has three goals:
1. Get all the booze [Usually over 100 individual, sometimes hard to see pellets]
2. Kill every monster - probably the easiest of the goals
3. Beat the dev par time - and that's the real challenge for each level.

Controls are fine, responsive, with great support of xinput [played the game on my wired X360 controler - probably the best way to experience the game].

Also there's an achievement system - always welcome, though it gave me the achievement for beating all the times after getting one - probably they are reversed, will see.


Super jeu, joli décor et bon game play.

Awesome graphics and very nive game. Excelent job!

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This game is a pleasant surprise!
Love the graphics, the art style and most importantly - the gameplay!

Aug 26 2012 by tadejkan