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With time, every developer gets bored when something of his bigger project isn't working as it should. And then, they make things like this. Enjoy!

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- Window Pong - Released


- Window Pong -

I got a stupid problem with our engine, and I asked in a forum for a solution. I was totally annoyed of the whole thing, but I still wanted to look after the forum-thread. So, after a couple of minutes I got very boored. At this point, I opened the Visual C++ Studio and started to create this little game.

Now, look what it became:

It's not like traditional pong. When you use your PC, you mostly see windows which hold applications, or useful information. Nice, but very unfunny. "Windows are unfunny!" This is, what Window-Pong makes different from normal pong-games. It transforms the unfunny windows into a funny game!
Anyways, there is no real goal in this game. So, just have fun! (for one or two minutes ;-) )

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- Window Pong -

- Window Pong -

Full Version 2 comments

Here you go! Just start the downloaded file and have fun! Use your Mousewheel to tweak the ball speed. Press ESC to exit the game. (For both: Make sure...

Horrorraptor - - 19 comments

I think this game is pretty nice. I don't know why everyone else needs to worry so much about a game so small anyways.

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SunShine® - - 45 comments

good game.. though it has a bug..

We cant quit in the middle of a game, to quit we must loose the game; and then Pres 'ESC'


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RedTailTeam - - 10 comments

How did you make this?

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jakkkass - - 45 comments

My computer went on a blue screen while playing WTF?

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Soof49 - - 157 comments

It's pretty cool, but I have one problem. It isn't necessary to put -'s around your game just to make it stick it. Other mods don't do that, so it ends up making it look stupid. I suggest you just let people come to it naturally. You can choose. More visitors, or more angry customers. Soon, more people will follow in your footsteps, and then it creates a big mess, with people doing !!---+>>>====mygame====<<<+---!!, and it becomes impossible to find the actually game your looking for. And WHY is it under war? Stop confusing people.

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[WuTz]! Creator
[WuTz]! - - 103 comments

Only one: You have to select the bar when you want to exit the game. But that is the only I know...

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Hendrich - - 69 comments

Hope this isn't riddled with bugs like other similar projects. ;)

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